Armenian Diaspora

Education in the Motherland

The government of the Republic of Armenia (RA), on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Science, gives special treatment to representatives of Armenian Diaspora when they are seeking to continue their education in Armenia. The Ministry of Education and Science of RA looks to make this education more available for the members of the Diaspora, promote interest in the Armenian cultural heritage for Diaspora youth, and support the development of Armenian studies.
By providing our Diaspora with a focused, purposeful, appropriate and qualified education, we hope to create qualified specialists, as well as create a strong bond with Armenia and encourage our Diaspora to return to their homeland.

Applicants from Diaspora in Armenia

Members of Diaspora may apply for admission to RA Higher Education Institutions (HEI) either on a general basis in accordance with the regulations assigned for the RA citizens, or in compliance with the special order issued for foreigners.

HEIs in Armenia offer three levels of education, correspondingly awarding the degrees of bachelor, master and researcher.

Applicants from the Diaspora can pursue their chosen profession on a full-time, part-time or distance learning basis. Applicants who do not have the required proficiency either in Armenian language, or professional subjects, are offered an opportunity to take preparatory courses. After successfully completing these courses, these students are enrolled in the corresponding educational institution. The preparatory courses are 6 months in duration (at the minimum) and are provided on a full-time basis.

In accordance to the datum of the 2010-2011 academic year there are 3370 Diaspora students enrolled in HEI, from 35 countries from which 296 students are studying free of charge.

List of the required application documents

Foreigners (including the members of Diaspora) must submit the following documents to the Ministry of Education and Science:

1. Inquiry for admission submitted to the Minister of Education and Science of RA,
2. Completed Application Form given by the Ministry of Education and Science of RA,
3. An health report indicating a lack of an infectious disease. This report may also be given by the medical organizations of RA,
4. Copies of all pages of the applicant’s passport or birth certificate or/and certificate of baptism,*
5. Copy of all coursework transcripts from all educational institutions attended.*
6. Four recent passport size photographs, 3x4cm.
7. CV in Armenian, Russian, or English,
8. Applicants applying for post-graduate studies must also provide a 20-page research paper related to the applicant’s chosen profession. This must be written either in Armenian, Russian or English.

*NOTE: Documents related to an applicant’s passport/birth certificate and transcripts of all course-work, should be brought to the Armenian Consulate in the applicant’s country of residence.

The required documents are submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science of RA by

• The applicant personally or his/her authorized person,
• The HEIs,
• The diplomatic representative of RA in the foreign countries, or
• Post or e-mail to the official address of the Ministry of Education and Science.

We look forward to receiving your application and hope to greet you at one of our Higher Education Institutions.

Division of relations with Diaspora

Head of division Nune Vardanyan (Tel.: +374 10 58-13-91, E-mail:
Coordinator of the program Amalia Khocharyan (Tel.: +374 10 58-13-91, E-mail: