The main purpose of the Bologna Process is the establishment of the European Higher Education Area by 2010 for strengthening the attractiveness and competitiveness of European higher education and to promote student mobility by making academic degree standards and quality assurance standards comparable and compatible.

The process was named after the University of Bologna, where in 1999 the Bologna Declaration was signed by Education Ministers from 29 European countries. Since then, bi-annual ministerial meetings are held which take stock of the progress and set guidelines for upcoming years.

To establish the European Area of Higher Education by 2010, the following objectives have to be reached.

On May 19, 2005, the Minister of Education and Science of The Republic of Armenia (RA) signed the Bergen Communiqué thereby officially joining The Bologna Process assuming responsibility to accomplish the realization of the main principles of The Bologna Process action lines by 2010 to become a part of developing European Higher Education Area.

The Ministry of Education and Science RA has launched actions in the direction of making reforms in the field of higher and postgraduate education. These includee the education structure, content, and management, with the purpose of ensuring the integration of the RA higher education system into the European Higher Education Area, and providing competitiveness in international education arena.

The integration into EHEA and the management of the higher education system according to ECTS is of the utmost importance for Armenia. The other issues are secondary. Education management based on new principles implies the implementation of new management methods, the establishment of the state financing new methods, and the promotion of links within the labor market. More…