Facts & Figures

The following institutions function in RA

- 26 State Universities

- 40 Private Universities, among them

- 31 Accredited Universities

- 83% of state universities and

- 76% of non-state universities are located in Yerevan,

others in 8 provinces (Marzes) of the RA

The number of students

123.700 students (Total), among them

- 114.600 – Bachelor

- 9.100 – Master

- 17.800 – In the free of charge system

- 22.700 – In non-state universities

There are about 7000 foreign students studying in Armenian HEIs

The list of countries is as follows:
Islamic Republic of Iran
Syrian Arab Republic
Republic of India
Russian Federation
Republic of Poland
Arab Republic of Egypt
Kingdom of Bahrain
Federal Republic of Germany
Republic of Serbia
Republic of Moldova
French Republic
People’s Republic of China
United States of America
Republic of Iraq
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
Czech Republic
Republic of Mauritius
Federal Republic of Nigeria
Republic of Croatia
Republic of Maldives
Commonwealth of Australia
Republic of Kazakhstan
Republic of Uzbekistan
Republic of Belarus
Hellenic Republic (Greece)
Lebanese Republic
Kingdom of Denmark
Republic of Cyprus
Republic of Turkey
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Republic of Lithuania
Republic of Bulgaria
United Kingdom
Republic of Hungary