PECS Training at the Pedagogical

On the initiative of the Acting Dean of Faculty of Special Education Armenuhi Avagyan and with the financial assistance of the ASPU, the Pedagogical is welcoming the Clinical Director of the “Pec Germany” organization on 8-10 February.

Today, during the first lesson he introduced the theoretic part of the program. Although Sibillei Bayorate didn’t manage to get acquainted with the participating students practically, he made a positive opinion on the first day; he got satisfied with their level of preparedness.

Lilit, the first year student of Master’s Degree in the Faculty of Special Education department of Correcting Pedagogy and Special Psychology was one of the lucky students, who will participate in the PECS three-day training.

The first day of the training was a great interest; looking forward to the other days as well. “We are looking through all the aspects, watching films that are a necessity in order to make a complete idea of the programme. I am much sure that all this will enable me to help those who have communication problems not to stay isolated and to become one of the few who implement PECS in Armenia.”

The PECS programme goes on at the Pedagogical. AS the organizers confirm, the Pedagogical students can anticipate two even more exciting and full of practice days.

13 first year students of the MA degree in the Faculty of Logopedics and Special Psychology, who have passed the special tests, are allowed to participate in the three-day seminars.

During the three-day training Sibillei Bayorate will represent PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), which is intended for the development of communication of children with autism.

PECS was founded by the New York University professor Andy Bondy in 1985. PECS is a system of functional communication which enables people with communication problems to acquire alternative means of communication.

Years ago the Acting Dean of Faculty of Special Education Armenuhi Avagyan got familiar with the PECS programme, and today, marking its great effectiveness, she decided to give her students the opportunity to get acquainted with it and to prepare highly qualified specialists