Personal Exhibition of the YSAFA Student

The first personal exhibition of Vav Hakobyan, third-year student from painting department of Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts launched on 6th of February in Art Café Arvestanots. It’ll be open for the public till 18th of February. The exhibition is dedicated to the memory of painter’s grandfather Rafayel Hakobyan. The works introduced were mainly from the period 2010-2011.
“I always assume that an artist, a creator has two selves; earthly and heavenly. The fight of these two selves exists in him and his paintings speak about it. Actually what painter he will become depends on him and nobody else. Our task is not to interfere and destroy him but to get happier with the birth of a new painter, another painter to represent our culture”.

Levon Igityan
President of Museum of Modern Art in Yerevan