Center for Arabic and Islamic Studies in YSU

The RA minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan received Kuwaiti Ambassador to Armenia Bassam Muhammad Alqabandi on February 15 to discuss the development of joint programs in the educational and scientific sphere.

Underlining the fact, that there had been a historic deep-rooted interest towards the Arabic studies, the minister stated, that it was envisaged to establish a center for Arabic and Islamic studies in Yerevan State University. At the same time works had been underway to open a high school with intensive Arabic studies in Yerevan.

The Ra Minister also stated, that he would be happy to host Kuwaiti students in the Armenian Higher Educational Institutions.

The ambassador thanked A. Ashotyan for the reception, adding, that Armenia and Kuwait had cooperation prospects in various fields, and the educational field could be a leading one in this respect.

A review has been made over ratifying a memorandum on the educational cooperation between the two countries.