Auditorium after the Great Artist

The Faculty of Culture of the Pedagogical University held the opening event of the studio after the People’s Artist of Armenia, professor, director-operator, Sergey Israelyan on 16 February.

The University’s professorial team and the family members of the artist were present at the opening event. The honour to open the studio was given to the artist’s grand-son who cut the red ribbon.
The opening speech was given to the Rector of the Pedagogical University, Professor Rouben Mirzakhanyan.The artist’s widow, Anahit Hmabardzumyan, appearing in her husband’s studio after so many years, once again felt his breath in the room. She considers it an indeed historical and important fact for her family to have her grand-son cut the studio’s red ribbon. Mrs. Anahit was proud to see the hall full of young people, who are familiar with and so appraise Sergey Israelyan’s work and merit.

“Today, we are here on very emotive and symbolic occasion. By opening this studio we will be able to once again give the proper respect to this prominent artist, professor Sergey Israelyan.”

The University Rector wish the student’s who will study in the studio laughter, and less tears, which is actually, typical to the artistic profession.

Film critic Suren Hasmikyan defined Sergey Israelyan with the following words, “An extremely anxious person”, and later added, “The famous episode with apples from the movie “The Patriarch” describes his whole creative path.”

Movie director, operator Eduard Hambardzoumyan once studied at the Pedagogical University. He is one of the lucky people who had the opportunity to study at the famous operator’s last studio.

The film was nominated in several film contests and won numerous awards. Despite the fact, that I am a graduate of the Moscow Cinematography Institute, the bunch of the knowledge I have passed to me from him. The knowledge that I received from the master and the documentary film “Serik” led my way to the big world of cinema. In 2005, after the decease of Sergey Israelyan, I shot a film telling about his life and his creative path.”

In the final part of the event those who were present watched the movie devoted to the young film-director, Sergey Israelyn.