Chess will Develop Students’ Logic

Prominent Armenian chess-player, Vice-President of the Federation of Chess, Director of the Chess Academy of Armenia, the USSR Master of Sports, the winner of the “Movses Khorenatsy” medal, Grandmaster Smbat Lputyan has recently been appointed the head of Chess and Sport Chair at the Pedagogical University.

He had long pondered over taking up the Head of Chair’s responsibilities considering his business. Nevertheless, realizing the importance of including Chess into the educational system, he finally agreed. Being the Head of Chair is not only a position for the latter; it is also an obligation for him to develop and improve children’s thinking abilities. “They leave and become poorer, weaker, and the society- unjust, as it is through sports that numerous good features and qualities develop in a person. I hope to be useful to the young from this point of view as well.”

As Smbat Lputyan notices, the sport popularization is undergoing a gradual regress, and that is why young people do not realize the importance of a healthy mind, of the obtention of inner forces, and consolidation.

The University arranges the necessary conditions for students to have proper classes, “Let the many produce different approaches, for somebody it can be just a kind of sport, for another one it can be a method to feel the logic, or to recognize the beauty. Different people play the chess and get the pleasure of it in different ways.”

Pedagogues who are now teaching to play the chess were chosen after long discussions; at first their chess skills and level were checked, then chess training and examinations were organized.

Smbat Lputyan considers Armenian chess to be the strongest in the World and as he thinks, later on pedagogues of chess for other countries will also be trained at our University.

“The love towards this kind of sport should strike roots and grow. For me chess is a way of thinking. A lot more can be learned through chess, a lot can be developed within an individual and further implemented in life,”- summarizes the Grandmaster.

The full article on Smbat Lputyan’s interview taken by Silva Asryan can be found in the coming issue of the “Pedagogical University” official journal.