“Alone and Naked”

This year also Albert & Tove Boyadjian exhibition hall continues to remain faithful to its principles by supporting young creators and not being limited with youngsters.
The cultural opening was announced by YSAFA 4th year students from Painting department Aren Shahnazaryan and Gevorg Grigoryan who exhibited their paintings under the title “Alone and Naked”.

The opening of exhibition was welcomed by the dean of fine arts faculty, professor Khachatur Azizyan.

Nearly 30 works were exhibited the great part of them being portraits. The works of young artists introduced quite interesting and original world. The created characters and images are like speaking to themselves, silent and self-contained but this is from the first glance: If have a closer glance at them they appear more expressive.

You don’t really need to be a great connoisseur of art to understand the world and mood that the young painters created today in the exhibition hall with their works. “Paintings created with various colors or sometimes with their absence”, this is how the young painters spoke about their works.


Art-critic Liana Khachatryan