Stars Already Watched in the Observatory of the Pedagogical

“Just as the submachine gun is important for the soldier, so is the telescope for the astrologer”, thinks the Candidate of Physical-Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor, Sergey Nersisyan.

Perhaps, it is this belief that gave grounds for the establishment of an observatory at the Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan on 12 November 2004. It is the second open Observatory after the one in Byurakan.

The telescope made in 1957 is a device created by the Leningrad Optomechanical Union. The observatory was created thanks to compiling the possible materials and means. It gives a huge value of effectiveness to the educational process as it makes the gained knowledge observable and researchable.

The observatory is the only “open” laboratory; the entrance is free for the visitors. The attendance of students and visitors depends on the weather conditions and the stellar schedule. From time to time, the visits aim to combine the theoretical and practical parts.

Few people know about the information introduced by our observatory. However, we are now preparing our website for the wide public to be able to get any information they want.

“In fact, observatories are usually being placed in not very bright places, as the illumination of the surrounding often impedes the work. Despite that, the number of visitors to the observatory annually increases. By the way, we have a lot of visitors from the districts as well,” gladly mentions Sergey Nersisyan.

Due to the joint efforts of the University government and the Deanery of the Physical-Mathematical Faculty the work of the observatory will soon be placed on scientific grounds.

Sergey Nersisyan is very regretful about not having even planetariums.

“People seem to be changing and transforming when they look into the sky; they have found a wonderful world-the sky, which they have forgotten about”, assures the Associate Professor Sergey Nersisyan.

It is also a great pity for him that the subject of Astrology has been left out of the general school education program. But he still anticipates that the Ministry of Science and Education will approve the corresponding standards of the Astrology which have been passed to their concern, and that the subject will be included back into the school educational program.