Students Council Visit the Berd Military Unit

The military unit in town Berd is 200km away from the capital city; nonetheless, the distance was not an obstacle for the Pedagogical Students Council to make a visit to the Berd military unit on the 20th anniversary of the Armed Forces.

The Pedagogical students prepared a remarkable performance with patriotic songs and dances. With their performances they gave a good deal of excitement and new breath to the soldiers’ daily life.

The Students Council had prepared a surprise for 25 soldiers of the military unit. On the Command’s suggestion the 25 soldiers received Acknowledgement Certificates and gifts from the Pedagogical Students Council for their diligent service. By the way, 15 of them were students of the Pedagogical University.

Serob Sargsyan is a graduate of the Department of Photography of the Pedagogical University. Now, he is on a conditional military service; he has got 4 months left to return home. For the time being, he has no complaints of the period on service; moreover, he advises future soldiers not to avoid the service.

He is glad to have the opportunity to once again meet and speak with the native University’s representatives. The diploma and the excitement that arouse during the event will give him a bigger strength and vigour for the remaining time on service.

Karen Simonyan has seriously counted that 55 days were left till the end of the military service. At the end of the event he happily mentioned in our conversation, “I actually have mixed all my calculations because of your visit.”

He is glad to see that his friends at least for a moment forgot the melancholy and the feeling of homesickness. While speaking about the army he gets even more excited. He describes the 20 year old Armenian Army full of serious experienced specialists, commanders, and officers, a structure packed with efficient soldiers.

Hakob Tadevosyan, Associate Professor of the Chair of Pedagogy at the Pedagogical University, military psychiatrist, is sure that events like this are of great importance both for the soldiers and for the common citizens; they strengthen the connection between the army and the society.

“Our visit was very significant on the perspective of realization of both patriotic and aesthetic issues. It also expresses the considerate attitude the society has towards the soldiers on military service.”

Mher Galstyan, despite the fact that he has already graduated from the Pedagogical University, still is happy to participate in such events.  “As a previous soldier, I am well aware of the fact that events like this are very much anticipated by the soldiers. I am sure, that the patriotic and ethnographic songs and dances pass on them patriotic soul.”

The President of the Students Council of the Pedagogical University, Volodya Gasparyan considers the event a success.

“On the one hand such events enrich the students’ stock of knowledge about the Armenian Army, our country and history. On the other hand they increase the soldier’s military spirit, make their daily routine more fascinating.”

At the end of the event a surprise was prepared for the day’s organizers and participants. The Commander of the Berd military unit, L.Yeranosyan granted Acknowledgement Certificates and Diplomas to them for active participation in the army-society relations, patriotic education.

The coming Students Council event is expected to be at the Ararat military unit on 5 March, on the anniversary of Vazgen Sargsyan.