Faculty of Public Health Introduces New Academic Course

It is noteworthy that Yerevan State Medical University highlights the importance of education programmes to provide for the international standards and institutes relevant procedures so that many European and other countries recognise the university diploma and education programmes resulting in strengthening international relations as well as integration into the international education arena. Currently, the university participates in a range of international and European programmes aimed at the education reforms.

Teaching at the Faculty of Public Health (founded in September 2011) is conducted through the delivery of a new masters course (MPH) designed in a way to conform to the international education standards. This particular course is specifically designed in accordance with the requirements of the Public Health Sector of Armenia and is premised upon the list of compulsory disciplines and courses defined by the Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPH). The course enables MPH students to get up-to-date knowledge and competencies so that specialists with relevant skills are trained in the field of healthcare management and organization conforming to the urgent needs of today’s world.

Since 2010 the Medical University is included in the 511303-TEMPUS-1-2010 programme along with the education institutions of Great Britain, Sweden, Rumania, Moldova and Georgia. The programme aims at developing Masters academic courses for training specialists in the field of Public Health and Social Sciences. Many years’ experience of European leading universities has served a milestone for designing the programme packages.

Participants of the programme are as follows:

  • Armenia – Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi, Yerevan State University
  • Georgia – Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University, Georgia University
  • Moldova – Moldova State University, Nicolae Testemiţanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy
  • Great Britain – University of Cumbria
  • Sweden – Royal Institute of Technology
  • Rumania – Universitatea Babeş-Bolyai

The programme duration is 3 years; within this period the MPH programme packages should be developed relevant for Armenia, Moldova and Georgia; programme components should undergo a pilot testing.

During the initial meeting of the programme participants held in February of 2011 the current situation in the field of public health management and organization of the Republic of Armenia was discussed; programme dates, main objectives and goals were considered; programme tasks were extended to the participants. Officers of RA Ministry of Education and Science, RA Ministry of Health, RA Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, as well as representatives of National Tempus Office were present at the meeting. Public health programme packages and the relevant methods designed within the framework of the Tempus programme, without prejudice to the Master’s Programme, will enable enriching the present programme with modern knowledge and competencies.

The Faculty corpus has been furnished with the necessary devices thus enabling the application of audiovisual technology throughout the classes – this has been achieved within the framework of the programme to maintain modern implementation of the MPH course.

Further information is available at the Faculty of Public Health, Yerevan State Medical University.

E-mail: mph@ysmu.am