Seminar on Effective Sales Secrets with ORANGE

Today, a seminar on “Effective Sales Skills” was held at Gavar State University tutored by Sales Trainings Supervisor at “Orange Armenia” Company Anush Manucharyan and Ashot Sargsyan.

The aim of the seminar was to introduce to the students the effective sales secrets and tools and discussion on their application in everyday life.

As mentioned by Anush Manucharyan, one of the most important features of “Orange Armenia” Company is that mutual respect and a high level of customer service are considered as a priority task of the organization.

Addressing a variety of interesting exercises, the instructor showed to the students the ways towards sales effectiveness through attracting more and more customers and finding out their demands.

At the end of the workshop, the students asked their questions to Anush Manucharyan, and a very interesting discussion started.

It is noteworthy that the seminar was organized according to the memorandum of cooperation signed by Gavar State University and “Orange Armenia” Company.