Group Exhibition “Synthesis”

An Art lover and especially art creator always wants to pass his thoughts to others and Albert & Tove Boyajian exhibition hall warmly gave the platform for them to be introduced. Today on 3rd of April launched the exhibition entitled “Synthesis” in exhibition hall with the participation of Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts students from graphics, sculpture and painting departments.

The exhibition introduced the works of Lilit Arsenyan, Ashkhen Kurdyan, Hasmik Hovhannisyan, Manvel Ghalachyan, Aleksandr Badalyan and Vahagn Galstyan.

There were introduced their paintings, graphic, sculpture and ceramic works created throughout their study including the recent years. There was no clear- cut thematic direction: landscapes, portraits, still-life paintings and other works of different styles were introduced.

“Bright, vivid, with rich colour scale, full of inner warmness and emotionality, sometimes sweeping, and bearing in mind the expectations of light and creation”,- this is how we can describe the works of Lilit Arsenyan (“Feeling”, “Spring comes, come on”, “Repentance” “Eternity”, etc.)

Ashkhen Kurdyan’s works are original; they are outlined by their colour and style (“To the eternity”, “In my dream”). She can paint like a child, keeping the purity and plainness.

Hasmik Hovhannisyan’s graphic works are different by their theme (“Dilijan”, “You exist or not”, etc.). One can feel the sense of colour she painted and the great part of her paintings make an impression of engravings.

Each painting of Manvel Ghalachyan is a separate world where the painter expresses his philosophical attitude to human nature (“In my dream”, “By the destiny”, etc.).  

Vahan Galstyan’s (“The warrior of independence”, “Lilit”) and Aleksandr Badalyan’s (“Meeting”, “Komitas” and “Sunset”) sculptures and ceramic works are very original and interesting.