“Red and Black”

Tatev Hartenyan’s exhibition took place at Gyumri branch of Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts on 6th of April.

Tatev Hartenyan’s works introduced in individual projects carry the moral of mystic women’s world.
The key to the emotional inner world of the painter is hidden in the floral abstractions. That is the history of dreams, love, yearn, light and dark, flight and landing, endless wait.

Woman and flowers: the connection string – nature. Works made with mixed techniques, due to their unique expression may become an invention in interior design and be used in the production of textures and posters.

Among the works made with fine colour solutions one can see abstractions with contrary colours. This is Tatev, tender and strong, dreamy and determined, yielding and struggling, but always very . . .

Araks Margaryan Candidate of Arts