“May 9th, Liberation of Shushi”

Liberation of Shushi, the glory of nowadays armed forces, having been a breakthrough in the war for Artsakh has been written, spoken and discussed about for already twenty years. Probably nothing new can be added. But the students of YSAFA (Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts) Design and computer graphic department voiced their thoughts through the language of art in the exhibition hall of Alber and Tov Boyajian on 8th of May. In the exhibition entitled “May 9th, liberation of Shushi” dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Shushi liberation all the works introduced had a poster character that declare about the warriors, victorious spirit of the nation, unity, the awakening and reanimation of Shushi.

Images, figures, scenes and textual, sometimes agitating slogans (“One nation, two states”, “Free of charge education: Free of charge medical aid: Let’s help the children of our heroes”, “The liberation of Shushi is the beginning of recreation process of Armenian State”) were used in the works that reinforce visual impression and consciously perception.

This approach reflects the graphic design level of students’ works along with providing information and communication aspects as well.

It was not a mere chance for the students to introduce their works in the form of a poster in the exhibition about Artsakh war for the poster had been the most important style in the Soviet fine arts so as in the period of Great Patriotic war and through the years of civil war.