Armenian Minister Raised the Issue of the Right of Education in Unrecognized States in UNESCO

Minister of education and science of Armenia Armen Ashotyan sent a letter to responsible professor of educational issues of UNESCO Kiang Tang in which reverberated to the issue of securing the right of education in unrecognized states observing it as an important part of Human Rights. Minister had stressed the importance of including unrecognized states in educational programs. In the letter was particularly said: “Taking into consideration convention of UNESCO against discrimination in education accepted in 1960 and the fact that one of the main points of UNESCO convention is the right of education regardless of gender, skin color and conditions in which he lives we look forward to your support for solving this question”.

Armenpress was informed from Ministry of education and science that the response letter of professor Kiang Tang had been received in which is particularly said that UNESCO always supports reforms in educational sphere in Armenia. Reverberating to the securing of the right of education in unrecognized states he had assured that UNESCO would study the situation in framework of its power according to convention against discrimination in educational sphere.