Number of Universities in Armenia is More than the Average European Index

The ministry of education and science of Armenia secures equal legal framework for state and non-state universities. In this regard the state policy is not aimed to differentiation, but to creation of equal conditions in order the best universities have the opportunity to survive and develop regardless of their organizational-legal form.

According to the Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan, the implementation of this project is difficult to imagine within the first year but private universities will be required to make greater efforts in order to attract applicants, offer new services and more flexible policy. “The field makes difficult the existence of universities, but our problem is not their existence, but the quality of services offered by them”, stressed A. Ashotyan.

Armen Ashotyan mentioned that the sphere is being united very rapidly. The number of universities in Armenia is much greater than the average European index. “We try to make conditions in competitive field for the progress of the best ones. And those universities that aren’t able to compete can choose the way of providing other services” said Minister.