Armenia Officially Assumes Bologna Process Secretariat

Starting from July 1st, 2012, Armenia has taken over the responsibility of hosting the Bologna Secretariat, formerly being provided by Romania.  Armenia will take this important post until 2015 June 30, when a ministerial summit with the participation of the of Bologna Process member states will be held in Armenia.

The Deputy Minister of Education and Science Mrs. Karine Harutyunyan highlighted this new commitment will be very responsible and at the same time honorable for Armenia. “This is an unprecedented process, as the educational system had not assumed such a function earlier,” Karine Harutyunyan said, adding, that RA government is doing its best to organize this process properly and to meet the required standards.

She also informed that the staff and the office of the secretariat has been already formed.

In the recent two years the Bologna Process Secretariat was assumed by Romania, and Armenia will surely try to maintain that high level of the landmark. “This will be a very big experience forArmenia and will promote the reforms implemented in the system of higher education,” Deputy Minister of Education and Science noted.

This event was attended by Head of EU Delegation to Armenia Trajan Hristea, who congratulated Armenia’s government on this memorable event. “This is truly a big achievement for Armenia’s educational system. It will promote formation of European Higher Education Area and increase of mobility,” he noted.

Silvia-Maria Zehe, Head of Council of Europe Armenia Office, stressed that Armenia has a years-long practice in the sphere of higher education and understands the significance of the education in economic development. Ministers of 47 member states of the Bologna Process will arrive inArmenia to participate in the conference due in 2015.