Luys Foundation Called Armenians to Unite Around the Education

Luys Foundation announced ”Education path leading to the eternity”  slogan to Armenians, calling to unite around the education through fundraising. As Armenpress reports, Tigran Sargsyan, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, member of the board of trustees of the Foundation Jacqueline Karaaslanyan came forth in Sardarapat Memorial, Armenpress reports.

Luys Foundation fund violability will make 100 million US dollars in 2015, if each an Armenian will donate 10 US dollars. In the words of the head of the Executive body November 10 meeting has a great meaning, it paves a way for a new movement, which is set to reach all Armenian families, regardless the fact where the family habits. We want to unite all Armenians around the Foundation.

”The best way of consolidation in the 21st century is the spread of knowledge and ideology. Only our love towards the perception of the knowledge and education can unite us. We are sure this is  right strategy: Armenian nation can be competitive in the 21st century if the people are educated, if our young people receive the best education in the world. This is our aim, and for reaching our goal we must unite everybody who estimate the education of the young” Tigran Sargsyan noted.

Every year Luys foundation enables a chance for hundreds of Armenian young people to study in 10 most prestigious educational institutions of the world. Educational Foundation board members, Foundation partners, Luys alumni and their junior colleagues attended the meeting.