Armenia’s Education Minister Issues Message on International Students’ Day

Armenia’s Education and Science Minister Armen Ashotyan issued a congratulatory message in connection with the International Students’ Day.

“The students of the world are engaged in the resolution of the problems of their countries and of key global issues. The students are considered the most important guarantee for the development and progress of each state. Armenian students walk concurrently with all the developments of our country’s societal life and, at the same time, they are the active participants in and executors of them [that is, the developments]. What Armenia will become years later also depends on the aspirations, dreams, and determination of today’s students,” Armen Ashotyan’s message reads in particular.

As Armenian informed earlier, in line with the National Statistical Service data, there were 95,000 students in Armenia in 2011 and 50,500 of them were girls. At the same time, 62,600 of these students study at daytime institutions of higher education and the rest take correspondence courses.

To note, however, everything started out from a tragic event. November 17 commemorates the anniversary of the 1939 Nazi storming of the University of Prague after demonstrations against the killing of a student and a worker as well as against the occupation of Czechoslovakia, and the execution of nine student leaders, over 1,200 students sent to concentration camps, and the closure of all Czech universities and colleges.

The 17th of November was first marked as International Students’ Day in 1941 in London by the International Students’ Council, and in observance of the aforementioned tragic events.