Fashion – Means of Cultural Communication

On December 17th the British Embassy in Armenia within the frames of the programme “Fashion road” organised a lecture in Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts dedicated to the fashion industry of Great Britain.

According to the programme manager Innesa Muradyan fashion is the best way for promoting cultural communication, expressing national identity.

“The programme “Fashion Road: Dialogue across Borders” is a result of cooperation. It has gathered together five Armenian and five European painter – fashion designers from United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany and Romania. Within the frames of the programme, European designers have got acquainted with the culture, history and traditions of Armenia during their 10 day visit then the visits of Armenian designers to the countries of their partners have followed. The participants prepared the collection inspired by fashion of different countries”, – told Innesa Muradyan.

An expert invited to Armenia within the frames of the programme, head of fashion department of Contemporary Art College of London spoke about fashion in Great Britain. The latter conducted a lecture about fashion trends in Great Britain, particularly in London where fashion was much more interesting as it was expressed as a fusion of various trends.

According to the expert there is no other branch of art that can react to the social, political and cultural changes more quickly and thoroughly than fashion does. It lies in the heart of world culture together with music and sport. Approximately 10 % of export in Great Britain belongs to fashion. “For obtaining skills in the field of fashion first of all one needs coordinated knowledge, as well as great interest towards fashion; without the latter fashion will not exist,- mentioned the expert.

Then the students were presented the staged structure of fashion market in Great Britain, fields connected with fashion, types of works in the fields of fashion and imaging as well as the changes taken place in the field of fashion since 1950s.

By the way, the lectures organized within the frames of fashion road will last form 17-19 of December, 2012.