Problem of quality education not yet solved in Armenia – minister

The problem of quality education is not yet solved in Armenia, and there are substantial differences between the levels of education which the schools and the universities provide.

The Minister of Education and Science, Armen Ashotyan, stated the aforementioned during a press conference on Wednesday. In his words, the second problem is the accessibility of education.

“There are numerous problems linked to preschool education. As for higher education, the situation was worse before, [but] now that problem has lessened a lot,” the minister said, stressing that the student loans are available and such policy will continue.

Ashotyan also noted that not one good student should be deprived of the opportunity to receive education due to lack of funds.

“The third problem is the effectiveness of education. The question is how much the efforts made by the state [actually] correspond to improving the level of education,” the minister concluded.