We Love Our University

According to the Resolution N 208 (May 5, 1993)  of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, Gavar State University was founded.

It is a great day for our university. The family members of the Gavar State University congratulate each other on the 20th anniversary of the university.

A performance was held dedicated to the event.

As the Dean of the Humanities Department Hamlet Ghajoyan mentioned even during the Soviet Union it was Hrant Khachatour Hakobyan’s dream to found an institution in his motherland, which would provide a higher education. In the early 1990s setting up of the University seemed impossible, but due to Hrant Hakobyan’s and  his daughter  Hranush Hakobyan’s devotion to their birthplace the wish came true.

“There are more than five thousand university graduates, who work for their country and nation. Their knowledge is like a weapon which they have taken from this cradle of science”, said the GSU vice-rector Nelly Kutuzyan.

The 4th year Law Department student Armine  Aghoyan and the the student council president Paytsar Kocharyan congratulated the attendants on the name of all students and stated: ”The knowledge gained at the university is a power, and this power will make it possible to create a safe and prosperous  future for our generations”.

Gavar State University always cooperates with schools, the bright evidence of which is the “I love my country” essay competition organized for the schoolchildren of the region of Gegharkunik. The winners of the competition were awarded during the above mentioned performance.

“The university is a great value that spreads light in the society, provides professional knowledge and skills. University is a unique communication between students and lecturers, due to which the students’ worldview is shaped.  For already twenty years the university life has been pulsating both in the region of Gegharkunik and out of its borders. I congratulate all of you and wish our university to pulsate forever”, said the GSU rector Ruzanna Hakobyan, expressing her deep gratitude to all the people who had their contribution to the foundation of the university.

“We love our university,” stated the students of the university unanimously.