Which Five RA State Universities will have an International Accreditation?

A few days ago, when RA Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan visited the participants of “Miasin” youth movement placed at the shores of the lake Sevan, informed that one of the government’s priorities for the coming years is international accreditation to at least five universities of Armenia, which is the first prerequisite for high-quality education. Aravot.am inquired from the Minister of Education and Sciences Armen Ashotyan as to what five state universities is the matter about. The Minister replied, “It is obvious that the universities that have the largest number of foreign students have the priority for the international accreditation. These universities are YerevanStateUniversity, YerevanStateMedicalUniversity. Other universities are also interested in the international accreditation process. For example, Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction, State Engineering University of Armenia, and Conservatory. Armenian National AgrarianUniversity also implements some international projects. We consider this indicator, international accreditation to five state universities, credible, taking into consideration that two of them that meet the standards are available.” To our question, that the issue is about international accreditation of only five universities, since there is a fear that others will the so-called disgrace the state, Mr. Ashotyan responded as such, “We never had an issue like that, now we go to it step by step. It’s not an easy thing, it is a difficult process. We look at the issue objectively. The minimum threshold is set, five of them, we want to achieve it and to have five universities with international accreditation within five years.”