YSU to Increase Professors’ Salary Supplement

In accordance with YSU Rector Decision, July 21, 2013 starting September 1, new, increased salary supplements have been defined for the YSU academic and teaching stuff.

As YSU Press Department reports, professors’ differentiated supplement system was introduced already in 2009 and conforming to the existing regulations it is added to the base salary according to the professor’s position, academic title and degree.

The aim of the differentiated salary supplements is to motivate professors’ continuous growth, the motion of research work, teaching-learning methodological works, and engaging students in various activities, as well as raising the efficiency of the university and its subdivisions by their direct participation.

Salary supplement is set up taking into account the accumulated scores (lectures, published textbooks or manuals, research work, involvement in professional growth programs, etc.) of the previous academic year.