International Day of the Blind and Logopaedists Marked at ASPU

Armenian State Pedagogical University today marked the International Day of Logopaedists (speech therapists) with a series of events, including a flash mob, exhibition of didactic materials about Logopaedics, distribution of booklets telling about the profession of logopaedist and a workshop. Each and every attendee of the exhibition was able to understand not only the nature of the profession, but also its role and importance in the public thanks to the flash mob and hand-crafted works showcased by the students. Armine Avagyan, Dean of the Faculty of Special Education, highlighted the importance of events in the sense that they help students use their theoretical knowledge in practice and get acquainted with the nuances of the profession while leading an active student life. “Unfortunately, the number of people with special educational needs is increasing nowadays. The only good thing is there have been serious changes in people’s attitudes,” Armine Avagyan said in conversation with The events were summed up by a workshop, with logopaedists of around 35 schools, graduates of the Faculty, presenting their latest achievements in Logopaedics in the system of inclusive education. Let us mention that the Faculty held another flash mob on November 12, within the framework of events marking the International Day of the Blind. The aim of the event organized by the second-year students of Tiflopedagogy Division was to remind the public once again that the blind are full-fledged members of society; they should be rendered assistance and included in society.   The event was also attended by representatives of “Forte” NGO – blind and visually impaired people. On the initiative of the Faculty of Special Education, ASPU is gradually adapted for the blind and visually impaired people; special equipment has been installed in the elevator of the University’s high-rise building which will facilitate safe movement of the blind.