ASPU “Best Student” Announced

The “Best Student” awards of the Armenian State Pedagogical University took place at the Aram Khachaturian concert hall with great solemnity.

The Director of the Center for Christian Education of the Mother Holly See of Echmiadzin Reverend Father Vardan Navasardyan congratulated the best students and considered the duty of being an exemplary, good student a huge responsibility.

“You are the successors of the enlightenment overspread by Khachatur Abovyan, the bearers and disseminators of his light. The light of awareness must penetrate into you souls; you must carry on your shoulders the knowledge and the education you are acquiring in this establishment of rich education traditions with greater responsibility and become the best of the best during the greatest mission of improvement, brightness and prosperity of our nation”.

Furthermore, the President of the Pedagogical University Student Council Mr. Nersik Margaryan mentioned that the selection of the “Best Student” happens in accordance with the fixed regulation and a number of criteria, such as academic progress, social activity, etc., all serve as a ground.

Moreover, the Coordinator of the Board of Trustees of the Armenian Youth Foundation, the RA NA Deputy Karen Avagyan awarded the ten best students with notebooks.

In addition, Mr. Karen Avagyan emphasized the importance of contest mentioning the following, “The aim is to show the students that knowledge and high academic progress are being encouraged. Students must be sure that he may record achievements with his own efforts, and that his knowledge may be appreciated in various fields. The Armenian Youth Foundation does all in its might to see this kind of initiative more frequently.”

Likewise, Mr. Karen Avagyan notices that especially girls outstand for their excellent academic progress and activeness; in fact, it is female students from the ten Faculties of the Pedagogical University that have been nominated for the “Best Student” awards.

This year, the title of the “Best Student” was granted to the student of the Faculty of Special Education Asya Hakobyan out of all candidates from ten faculties; as a result, the winner will spend her eight-day summer holidays in Italy.

“There is no secret for becoming the best student, one must simply learn well and believe their own strength. This was one more piece of success, one more step forward on the path of fulfilling my cherished dreams and objectives. I overcame one more stair”, the “Best Student” Asya Hakobyan mentioned in her interview to the

To conclude, the event jointly organized by the Armenian Youth Foundation and the ASPU Student Council continued with the concert program where singers Emma Petrosyan, Anoushik Alaverdyan, Vardan Badalyan, Sona Shahgeldyan, Gor Sujyan, Sevak Amroyan, Monika Manucharova, Mihran Tsaroukyan, Sona Roubenyan performed their famous and favorite songs.