Politological Auditions at the Pedagogical

A series of politological hearings has been launched at the Pedagogical University; from now on, the best specialists will be introducing the students with Politology from various perspectives.

Within this framework, a few days ago the Doctor of Philosophical Sciences Karlen Miroumyan visited the University by the initiative of the Faculty of History and Law, Department of Politology and History of Law and the Student Scientific Society.

Mr. Karlen Miroumyan expressed hope that such initiatives will foster formation of students’ awareness of today’s political developments that will influence political processes and contribute to the solution of the existing problems.

During the meeting Mr. Karlen Miroumyan referred to the scientific aspects of Politology, to its strategic directions, as well as analyzed political history particularly in Armenia.

Speaking about the formulation of Armenian political thought and its developments, Karlen Miroumyan observed that it should not be separated from the world political thought and should be viewed as its indivisible part.

Furthermore, Karlen Miroumyan highlighted that in our country the institute of politologists is still in the process of development and the main obstacle in this matter is the country’s current educational system.

During the meeting an active dialogue started in the course of which the students asked the politologist questions of their interest.

The latter in his turn presented the Department of Politology and History of Law with one of his authored books.

And last but not least, the Head of the Department of Politology and the History of Law, Doctor of Political Sciences, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences Levon Shirinyan summarized the meeting and mentioned, “For the Western universities it is a tradition to organize politological auditions; thereunder, we tried to be the first one in our country and to establish the same culture especially at the Pedagogical University. After all, besides the prestigious science, we also need prestigious students; thus, politological auditions are of utmost importance in this perspective.