Discussing Modern Problems of Science of Pedagogy

Today, by the initiative of the Department of Professional Education and Applied Pedagogy, a series of round table discussions on the subject of “Modern Problems of Development of the Science of Pedagogy” launched at the Pedagogical University.

The leading specialists of the spheres of pedagogy and psychology, Candidates of Sciences, Doctor-Professors, lecturers, school headmasters, and, teachers were present at the discussion.

The round-table activities opened with the report delivered by the Acting Head of the Department of Professional Education and Applied Pedagogy Ms. Aida Topuzyan where the professor referred to a number of issues that the sector of pedagogy and the society were facing.

Moreover, Ms. Aida Topuzyan was sorry to observe that in our days the education is placed on a backburner; even in dissertations it is not used as a component of pedagogy, although it should be decided which will be the ideal of Armenian education and upbringing and for whom it is foreseen.

Further on, speaking about the second problem – the childhood, the professor noticed that the treatment and approach towards children and childhood as a whole had generally changed. Therefore, the science of pedagogy must search for new directions to better perceive and understand children, and to support them.

Ms. Aida Topuzyan also mentioned in her report the problem of teachers and mentioned the following, “Today, the problem of combining the profession of a teacher and employment are rather urgent; in no kind of society there has ever been excess of teachers, but now there is a hunger for true teachers.”

In addition, the Deputy Minister of the RA Ministry of Education and Science Mr. Manuk Mkrtchyan analyzed during his speech that the viewpoints of the Vice President of the Russian Academy of Education, Pedagogue –Psychologist David Feldshtein. The Deputy Minister agreed with the academician that the classroom system was outdated and outworn long ago; new methods should be developed in the task of education organization with the consideration of the IT sphere and its installation at schools.

Afterwards, Professor Bella Yesajanyan spoke about the problems of pedagogy and noted with regret that modern teachers often forgot that they should learn by teaching and should continuously develop personal knowledge, ethics and approaches.

To proceed, the Professor of the Department of Special Pedagogy and Psychology Mr. Robert Azaryan agreed that new research and development of methods were a real necessity.

During the roundtable the serious problems facing the pedagogy sector were also discussed by the Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Julietta Gyulamiryan. The latter noticed that the struggle of generations that existed throughout history has reached its peak- teachers have become unprotected and unsupported, the family model has also changed and in this perspective serious changes should be undertaken in the sphere of education and upbringing.

More to the point, the Director of the ASPU (high-school) college Ms. Naira Safaryan analyzed the experience she gained during her career, after which she considered it as a huge problem that the research implemented in the science of pedagogy did not enter schools and were unreachable for teachers.

And last but not least, the Director of the Yerevan secondary school N124 Ms. Naira Martirosyan, the Deputy Dean of Science at the Faculty of Primary Education Ms. Lusinei Poghosyan, and the Head of the Department of Age and Pedagogical Psychology, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor Vladimir Karapetyan presented their speeches during the roundtable discussion.

 Summing up the discussions, it was decided that consistency should be preserved towards the developing person, his overall study and formation process thus developing and modernizing the science of pedagogy.