Discussing Elementary Education Issues

The Pedagogical University hosted a round-table discussion on the problems of elementary education; the aim of the meeting held with such an involvement and in such a format for the first time was to find cooperation edges for the educational institutions concerned with the issue.

Among those present at the round-table discussion were the RA Deputy Minister of ES Mr. ManukMkrtchyan, the Chancellor of the Pedagogical University Mr. Rouben Mirzakhanyan, the Head of Teaching and Education Department, Vice Chancellor MherMeliq-Bakhshyan, the teaching-professorial team of the Faculty of Primary Education and the Faculty of Education Psychology and Sociology, the Director of the Chess Academy, the ASPU Head of the Department of Chess and Sports Mr. SmbatLputyan, the Head of the Department of Professional Education and Applied Pedagogy Ms. Aida Topuzyan, the representative of the Department of Education of the Yerevan city hall, as well as a number of school headmasters, deputy directors, class leaders, and teachers of elementary schools.

During the meeting a variety of issues of the sphere were discussed, such as the preparation of teachers for elementary schools, trainings of practicing teachers, review of the assessment system, introducing the institute of assistants to teachers and voluntary work, the necessity of syllabuses and chess in different schools.

Moreover, the RA Deputy Minister of ES Mr. ManukMkrtchyan observed that the biggest problem at elementary schools is the aim and the content of these schools; he one by one enumerated all the linkages that are responsible for the development of the sector, then adding that all of them work individually but the inaction is particularly noticed during the collaboration.

“One cannot ensure secondary education quality with the course subjects only; the next step should be undertaken to pass to the thematic teaching,” Mr. ManukMkrtchyan assured.

Further on, during the meeting the Dean of the Faculty of Primary Education Ms. HeghineiKhachatryan highlighted that the Faculty was aware of the educational problems and did its hardest to strengthen the sector.

“The Faculty programmes and course descriptions are targeted, and our activity plan is in full compliance with the objectives and requirements of schools.”

Besides, speaking about the new model of continuous pedagogical internship, the Dean of the Faculty assured based on their experience that it helped the students to spend more time at schools, to get familiar with the environment and traditions, to obtain practical skills and abilities.

What is more, the Dean of the Faculty of Primary Education Ms. HeghineiKhachatryan also referred to the questions asked by those present about the institute of assistants to teachers and the voluntary work.

She also mentioned that on the basis of the idea of developing specialized schools, the institute of assistants to teachers is already functioning at the ASPU School N57 after VahanTototvents , and that the programme “Voluntary Work During Studies” had already given a partial solution to the students’ employment issues.

To sum up, those present made an arrangement to organize the next round-table discussion and to discuss the specific problems of the sphere; thereby, the next meeting is scheduled on the 18 December.