“Knowledge of a Language is Not an Aim, it is a Tool”

Today, within the framework of the “6th Russian Days in Armenia” the Russian language teachers, PhD, MA and BA students from Armenia, Russia and CIS countries participated in a master session at the Pedagogical University.
On this occasion, the Head of the Department of Russian Language at the Moscow Technical University after N. Bauman, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences Nina Navichna presented a report on the subject “Russian Language and the Discourse Culture in the Intercultural Educational Sector” during which she referred to the problems of teaching Russian language and its teaching peculiarities in specialized and not-specialized Faculties.
In this matter, Nina Navichna considered it as one of the main issues that Russian language is not included into the list of mandatory courses
She also observed that in the opposite case the number of those interested in Russian language would increase, and the language would revive.

More to the point, the Head of the ASPU Department of Russian Language, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Gayanei Shaghgamyan expressed her viewpoint on the given subject.
In fact, the professor was sorry to notice that even though Russian language is taught at schools for ten continuous years, its knowledge and the outcomes are not exciting at all.
“Foreign Language Teaching methods need to undergo serious changes for us; the knowledge of a foreign language should be perceived not as an aim, but as a tool. Teaching process should be accompanied with verbal comments; the application of this method in the 1-2 years was a real surprise for those present”.

In addition, the foreign guests visited the University Chancellor Rouben Mirzakhanyan.
Here, speaking about teaching Russian language the Chancellor observed, “I think that the teachers of our national schools should first of all have an excellent command of the mother tongue and in addition, they should also know at least one foreign language. In fact, the number of the Russian language classes has been four times increased at the Pedagogical University, as well as the majority of students gave preference to the Russian language. Thereof, we are obliged to justify our students’ expectations in this perspective, and particularly, taking into consideration the fact that most of our students are coming from regions, thus they will stimulate the Russian language dissemination along the country”.
As a matter of fact, the master class session arranged within the framework of the “6th Russian Days in Armenia” was proceeded with the fourth international Scientific and Practical Conference; the activities were implemented in the following sections- “Russian language as a means of realization of interdisciplinary links in the modern educational paradigm”, “Russian Language in the virtual learning space; resources, means and methods”, “The Specific Genres in the contemporary Russian debates”.
To conclude, the specialists of the field made a thorough discussion of the issues facing the Russian language and Literature at the same time suggesting ways for solution.