Rector of the University of Oulu as a Photographer

 “At this exhibition we revealed an interesting fact: Mr. Lauri Lajunen, Rector of the University of Oulu, is not only a chemist and a good organizer of education but also a true master of art photography,” Rouben Mirzakhanyan, Rector of Armenian State Pedagogical University, said at the exhibition of photographs taken by his Finnish counterpart.

Rouben Mirzakhanyan awarded Lauri Lajunen with a “Khachatur Abovyan” gold medal, the highest award of the ASPU, and presented him a 20th century camera, a symbol of the history of photography.

Mr. Lauri Lajunen thanked for the award saying it was a great honour for him to receive the medal. At the same time, he stressed that the award was also binding. “Thanks to Armenian State Pedagogical University and the University of Oulu, Armenians and Finns became friends. Our delegation is fascinated by the cultural heritage and historical sites of Armenia. I assure you that we shall disseminate Armenian culture in Finland,” said the rector of the Finnish University. He then told the attendees about his interest in photographic art and interesting details about his cooperation with famous photographers.

Mr. Lajunen is convinced that the new programmes to be implemented by the two universities will further promote mutual recognition and open new avenues for cooperation.

During the exhibition, the Finnish rector, who is also an avid bird enthusiast, answered questions concerning his methods of photographing birds.