Internationalisation Problems at the Pedagogical

A few days ago, the Department of International Cooperation organized a workshop on the subject of “Internationalisation Problems at the Pedagogical”. The participants group consisted of Deputy Deans for Science and International Cooperation of all Faculties of the University and the President of the Student Council Mr. Nersik Margaryan.

The Vice Rector for Personnel and International Cooperation Mr. Ara Yeremyan considered it quite a positive undertaking to inform the other departments of the University about the internationalisation problems, their effectiveness and new international programmes available at the International Cooperation Department, and mentioned the following, “We have to unify to the extent possible the intellectual resources and strategic aspects to ensure the proper organization of the internationalisation process of the Pedagogical University”.

During the meeting the Head of the International Cooperation Department Ms. Christina Tsatouryan thoroughly introduced the problems of internationalisation, the universities rating standards, adding that they would contribute to the increased visibility of the University on national and international levels.

Moreover, in her opinion, the educational services, the University’s competitiveness will also be improved with the latter’s internationalisation, as well as new environment will be created for the intercultural discourse thus ensuring the market demand and competitiveness for its graduates.

In addition, the employee of the International Cooperation Department Ms. Anna Hakhoumyan informed those present about the DAAD- German Academic Exchange Programme which grants scholarships to students with excellent academic progress giving them the opportunity to study in Germany. On this occasion, information booklets about the programme were distributed among the future pedagogues encouraging them to also participate in such programmes.

Furthermore, during the meeting another employee of the International Relations Department Ms. Lilit Sahakyan introduced the “Erasmus Mundus” exchange programme, which gives wide career opportunities for students, and teaching-professorial team and the administrative staff through the academic mobility and trans-national cooperation.

The overall number of scholarships was presented together with the participations criteria, package of required documents and primary applications deadlines. Besides, there was a reference to the recently launched “TEMPUS ESPAQ” programme that will also include students’ mobility and trainings abroad.

Later on, another employee of the International Cooperation Department Ms. Gohar Araqelyan spoke about the number of foreign students and those form Armenian Diaspora at the University, discussed their problems and provided information on obtaining residency status, as well as mentioned all possible provisions for the organization of effective learning process for them.

Likewise, the employee of the Department of education reforms and quality assurance Ms. Anoush Sargsyan presented the mechanisms of internationalisation effectiveness and quality assurance, and introduction of electronic survey in particular; due to the new survey format aimed at development of internationalisation the students approach towards internationalisation and education processes will become clear.

The seminar was concluded with a discussion during which the Faculties’ responsible persons for internationalisation issues presented their remarks and suggestions.