GSU Stands by the Armenians in Kesab

Gavar State University Scientific Council, administrative and academic staff, along with students are deeply concerned with the tragic events in Kesab and they raise their voice in protest for  the cessation of hostilities and protection of rights of the Armenian people in Kesab.

The university organized a petition addressing the United Nations Office in Yerevan and asking for UNO intervention to prevent militants enter Kesab, to establish peace, rehabilitate gross violations of human rights and freedoms, thus providing for the implementation of UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms norms, as well as the requirements of other renown principles of international human rights.

After 1909 and 1915, in the 21-st century this is the third deportation of the Armenian people in Kesab which is a flagrant violation of UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, the international image of human socio-economic, civil and political rights, and is against the principles on the protection of rights of national minorities.

The University stands by the Armenians in Kesab looking forward to their safe return to their native cradle.