Information Resource Center Electronic Database of U.S. Embassy in Armenia will be Available for Gavar State University

On March 29 in the lecture-hall after Hrachya Acharyan a meeting was held with the representatives of ”Traveliry textbooks” program launched by the U.S. Embassy Information Resource Center of the Republic of Armenia, as well as academic and administrative staff and students of Gavar State University.

The meeting was organized by GSU Chair of Foreign Languages represented by the head of the Chair, GSU lecturer Gayane Bdeyan.

GSU hosted the head of U.S. Information Resource Center Nerses Hayrapetyan and assistant head Anna Mkrtchyan.

GSU rector Ruzanna Hakobyan welcomed the delegates of U.S. Embassy and attched a big importance to the ”Traveliry textbooks” program.

”Within the conditions of development of modern information technologies the electronic data bases gradually become dominant; and nowaday’s imperative is to maximize the use of electronic sources of knowledge”,- mentioned Mrs. Hakobyan.

”The aim of the program is to contribute to the efficient English language teaching at the universities of regions introducing them the U. S. Embassy electronic data bases and university libraries providing necessary professional literature’’,- said Mr. Hayrapetyan.

Nerses Hayrapetyan and Anna Mkrtchyan introduced the official website ( of the Embassy Information Resource Center, spoke about the contents and sphere of the mass database of electronic books included in the website and highlighted the rules for applying the databases.

Attendees filled in forms through which they will get usernames and passwords to access the database thus being able to use it freely.

The U.S. Embassy Information Resource Center in Armenia donated more than three dozen textbooks and monographs on teaching English, grammar, translation skills development and language learning.

The guests answered the questions of GSU lecturers and professors.

Mrs. Hakobyan expressed her gratitude for the donation and hoped that this cooperation will be continual.