GSU Students’ Experience in Europe

On April 26, within the international programs ofGavarStateUniversity, students who acquired  their education in a number of European outstanding universities, introduced presentation-reports on their learning experience.

The meeting was attended by EU National TEMPUS Office coordinators Lana Karlova and Ani Torosyan, representatives of GSU academic, administrative staff and students.

Students from the Economic and Humanitarian faculties Gegham Ateyan, Areg Sinanyan, Rima Kotolkyan, Garnik Gapoyan, Shushan Badasyan, Ashot Ginosyan had prepared comprehensive presentations which introduced detailed information on their learing process at the Universities of Tuscia and Pavia in Italy, Universities of Valencia and Koruna in Spain, University of Ghent in Belgium and the University of Talin in Estonia. The duration of learnig process was from 6 to 10 months. The students talked about the foundation of universities mantioned above, peculiarities of their educational system, educational programs, courses studied there, internships held during the learning process, extracurricular events, historical and cultural places.

The students drew parallels between the Armenian and European educational systems highlighting their commonalities and differences.

“You are ambassadors in Europe representing not only Gavar State University, but also the Republic of Armenia, you are the ones who create academic collaboration environment among universities”,-said Lana Karlova greeting the students who returned home with advanced  European experience. She hoped that their companions will also hold their university in high honour.

GSU students answered the questions of attendees.

At the end of the meeting it was mentioned that within the framework of this program GSU lecturers Martin Avagyan and Varduhi Shahinyan will do research and conduct lectures at theUniversityofKoruna,Spain.