Lesson on Patriotism and Courage at Gavar State University

At Gavar State University the academic year 2014-2015 was launched with spirit of patriotism.

A lesson on patriotism and courage was conducted led by the Minister of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia, president of Gavar State University Council, Doctor of Law, professor Hranush Hakobyan and the commander of Second Army Corps of the Ministry of Defence, major-general Poghos Poghosyan

Hranush Hakobyan touched upon the glorious Armenian history, great victories and achievements of the Armenian people. Mrs. Hakobyan quoted the lines of Nerses the Graceful: “Unity in primary things, Freedom in secondary things and Love in everything” urging students to be unified, consolidated, to evaluate the achieved freedom, love their motherland, their nation, their state, parents and the university.

The Minister urged the students to learn well, to be an educated Armenian and patriot, who always speak Armenian, to be human and humane getting proud of being a student of Gavar State University.

Mr. Poghos Poghosyan spoke about the formulation of the Armenian National Army, about the traversed path, the military and political situation in the region and about international regulation of existing problems. He proudly mentioned the fact of being awarded as a vice-champion in the international contest “Tank Biathlon – 2014” and achieving great moralistic and professional results in individual and team fighting.

In the end, the attendees held a minute of silence for the brave Armenian sons who gave their lives as a sacrifice for their country.

The rector of Gavar State University Ruzanna Hakobyan expressed her gratitude to the guests for turning the Day of Knowledge into a memorable day and conducting a lesson on patriotism and courage.