Armen Ashotyan: Armenia ministry wants more Iranian students to come

The Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia wants for more Iranian students to come to the country to receive an education.

Education and Science Minister Armen Ashotyan noted the aforesaid during his meeting Wednesday with Iranian Ambassador Mohammad Reisi.

Ashotyan also reflected on Armenian-Iranian cooperation and the prospects for its development in the education sector, the ministry press service informed.

Subsequently, the interlocutors discussed the problems facing the Iranian students who receive an education in Armenia. In this connection, the minister expressed willingness to have a separate meeting with these students and to be able to find solutions to their concerns.

Reisi, for his part, stressed that the Armenian Ministry of Education and Science always seeks to resolve the problems of the Iranian students in Armenia. The ambassador also expressed willingness to assist in the further implementation of Armenian-Iranian programs in education.

Separately, Minister Ashotyan invited his Iranian counterpart to the ministerial summit, which will be convened next year in the Armenian capital city of Yerevan.

In addition, Armen Ashotyan and Mohammad Reisi discussed the holding of workshops toward teaching the Persian language in Armenia’s schools, and the avenues for signing a new Armenian-Iranian memorandum in the education sector.