International Friendship is Established

In the scope of Erasmus Mundus Programme Gavar State University hosted two students – Manuel Gorgo Fernandez, Adrian Núñez García from Coruna University of Spain for a period of six months. Yesterday, after finishing their learning course at Gavar State University, the students made their reporting presentations. The reporting meeting was attended by the representatives from GSU academic and administrative staff. Many GSU students attended the meeting as well.

The students made a reporting presentation on their study period at Gavar State University.  They presented their educational outcomes and research activities’ results achieved from each subject at GSU. The students shared their unforgettable excursions’ impressions with the audience, expressed their gratitude towards all the lecturers and university staff for their warm admission, great attention and caring attitude.

The audience enthusiastically watched the video prepared by the delegates from Coruna University. The video described their educational and travelling days in Armenia during six months.

At the end of the meeting, Adrian and Manuel thanked everybody in the Armenian language. University lecturers emphasized the importance of the experience, which was a step forward in the history of GSU international cooperation.

At the end, everybody said goodbye to Adrian and Manuel assuring them that Gavar State University is always ready to welcome them.

Gavar State University Rector Ruzanna Hakobyan handed some Armenian symbolic gifts to the students.