Armenian Genocide and Armenian Poems

You, spring April, meaning to live

It’s you that bring us flowers and life

Why did you become a death anniversary?

Accompanied by death in our history.

S. Kaputikyan


At the initiative of Norayr Ghazaryan – Lecturer of the Armenian Language and Literature Chair at Gavar State University, Head of Writers’ Union of Gegharkunik Central Region and the 3rd year students of the Armenian Language and Literature Department of Philological Faculty, a literary event was organized dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

The event kicked off with the psalm “Aravot Louso” /Morning of Light/.

Norayr Ghazaryan introduced the attendees the overview of subject reflection in the Armenian Literature, referred to the poems and works written on the subject of Genocide by the following authors in Armenia and Diaspora: Hakob Oshakan, Siamanto, Daniel Varujan, Hovhannes Toumanyan, Vahan Teryan, Vahan Tekeyan, Vazgen Shushanyan, Matteos Zarifyan, Kostan Zaryan, Yeghishe Charents, Hovhannes Shiraz, Silva Kaputikyan, Paruyr Sevak, Hamastegh, Hakob Mndzouri, etc..

“The terrible massacre perpetrated towards the Armenian people 100 years ago could not help but find its reaction in the Armenian literature, the scream of Genocide could not help but remain unheard and become an unsilenceable belfry and range of requiems…”,- mentioned Mr. Ghazaryan.

The open class featured poems, which pathetically depicted the tragic history page of the Armenian Genocide.

“The young of today are creating the history of tomorrow; we are to create the glorious and triumphant history of the Armenian being a perpetual traveler. Now we have a lot to do, each of us remembers what happened, condemns it and demands for fair compensation”.

“The Armenian people have always been walking steadily along the history crossroads”,-stated the young at the completion of the event.