Government will Offer Aid to Students with High Academic Records, Says Minister

Armenia’s minister of education and science promised a government support to students with high academic performance as he hosted rectors of different universities ahead of the new academic year. 
Armen Ashotyan addressed particularly a recently adopted procedure allowing state-funded universities to cover the tuition paying students’ fees in the amount of 10% of the total number of students studying free of charge. Universities will implement the procedure in accordance with a Ministry-approved list outlining specializations and the number of students.

“For next year, the Government of the Republic of Armenia has envisaged budgetary resources for 2,500 students to offer 50%-100% tuition discounts as a state compensation to those from disadvantaged families, as well as the students with a corresponding GPA record,” he said.

Ashotyan added that the Government is now conducting a feedback analysis to ensure that the system works effectively. “The Government will try all its best to offer aid to the very last student with good academic records,” he said, elaborating further on the subsidy procedures for students from border towns and villages.

Ashotyan said that the Government will expand the target communities’ number to 31 instead of the 14 last year. He added that first-year students from the said communities will be offered a 10% discount which will increase further to 20% in case they secure the required grade point average.

The minister further addressed the university auditing procedures, asking the rectors to bring their internal legal acts in line with the Republic of Armenia legislation. The procedure for the 2016 admission exams (including specializations and educational programs) were also on the meeting agenda. Ashotyan asked the rectors to consider and submit opinions on the State Education Development Program for 2016-2025.