Armen Ashotyan does not wish to relyon populism to develop educational system

Indeed, there are numerous problems in the educational system of Armenia. The Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia, Armen Ashotyan, mentioned about this during the August 29 consultation with the directors and pedagogues of high schools. “I consider me a politician. Thus, I also care for my popularity but at the same time I consider me a responsible individuality who cannot do pleasant things at the expense of the system. Populism is an intolerable tool, particularly in the domain of education”, “Armenpress” reports, Armen Ashotyan mentioned. Ashotyan mentioned that he conducted a small survey during meetings with students by addressing them the following question, “Who would like to go back to 10-year education?” “They raised their hands. But I said if I announce that we go back to the 10-year educational system, stormy applause will be heard, I will become your hero, I will become a very popular individual. Do I need that? Of course I do. But I will not do such a thing. Any politician needs support. But I will not take that action at the expense of that children”, Armen Ashotyan stressed. “Everyone has the following complex: if somebody has a neighbor who constantly tells about the problems of his child’s school, he is an expert of education. There are, indeed, many problems in the system. Moreover, if I were an opposition, I would success in my dismissal as a minister sooner than my current opponents. There problems but they need expert discussions. People do not discuss steps taken by doctors thinking that it is to specialized, but why do you think that education is not a specialized domain?” he added.