Armen Ashotyan Considers Constitutional Reforms as Internal Demand Originated in Armenia

Draft Constitutional Reforms originated as an internal demand of Armenia. One can easily write on the presented draft of Constitution “made in Armenia”. Minister of Education and Science, RPA Vice President Armen Ashotyan expressed such an opinion in his interview with “Armenpress”. “If 2005 draft Constitutional Reforms was developed in Strasbourg and 1995 draft was based on governing system of France, this draft originated in Armenia as a demand. I think that this is an evidence of the development of civil society and the state, when the political leadership turns to Constitutional Reforms as an issue on the agenda. We have grown so much as to improve our Constitution as a state having political elite,” noted Ashotyan. He noted that there was also a problem of change in the political generation. According to him, in case of the adoption of the new Constitution, wonderful initial possibilities will be created to reinforce the role of political parties by means of changing the outlining of the political system, as well as finding new actors which will bring the country out of a possible mysterious triangle of relationship among the three presidents.