176 first-year students from border communities got tuition reimbursement

176 students from 33 border communities of provinces were provided tuition reimbursement for the first semester of the 2015-2016 academic year by the Armenian Youth Foundation. Only firts year undergraduate students of stationary education studying  in state, nonstate and interstate higher educational institutions were provided tuition reimbursement. Karen Avagyan, the Chairman of the Board of  Trustees of the Armenian Youth Foundation mentioned that by this initiative the foundation shows its attitude towards border communities, adding, that besides thetuition fees, other actions are also being pursued for the youth welfare.

Armenian Youth Foundation implemeted tuition reimbursement program with its own fund and with the support of RA government and Ministry of Education and Science. The total amount tuition reimbursement for 176 students made up 38 million 71 thousand AMD.

It’s the seconf time that Youth Foundation implemets this program and 140 students were provided tuition reimbursement by the first stage. However it’s noteworthy, that during this stage students of non-state and interstate universities are also included in scholarship reimbursement program.