Armen Ashotyan: Self sufficient Generation Grows in Armenia

Self sufficient generation grows in Armenia. Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia Armen Ashotyan told the journalists about this presenting the results of the second section of the research on “Lifestyle of Republic of Armenia students and assessment of Bologna process” headlined “Social consciousness of students”.

“Last time the opinion of students on reforms in higher educational institutions in the context of Bologna process was presented. Taking into consideration that a student is also a citizen of the Republic of Armenia with his full rights and freedoms, we did also a research to find out their social-political priorities, features of conduct and perceptions over political and civic developments”, “Armenpress” reports, Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan mentioned.

According to him, the research allows to discover key educational problems and at the same time realize current and future civic developments.

Armen Ashotyan mentioned that only 4.6% of the respondents indicated corruption as a key problem facing the state, while the media refers to it more frequently.

“Education quality, which is a priority issue for the Ministry of Education and Science, was not much highlighted as well: only 5% mentioned that the quality of education is a problem for them. Self sufficient generation grows in Armenia. The majority believes that everyone is responsible for his fate. This means that we are abandoning the stereotype where all hopes are linked with the state. The data revealing politicization of the students is also of interest. The media is used to say that the students are politicized. The number of students member of some party is only 6.8% which is twice less the index of overall population”, the Minister stated.