Education and Science Minister of Armenia congratulates on Students’ Day

Armenian Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan addressed a congratulatory message on International Students’ Day.  The message reads: “Dear Students, accept my cordial congratulations and best wishes on International Students’ Day. Nowadays great importance is attached to the role of students in the formation and development of knowledge-based society. The vision of a developed state having strong economic foundation is based on well-mannered young people with high level professional skills. The development of the sector of education, ensuring high quality professional education, training of good specialists is vital for our state that overcomes present challenges and steadily moves forward. Patriotism, aspiration to have a developed and strong state obligates to be more demanding both toward yourself and the knowledge provided, to be more active and involved in all the processes ongoing in the sphere of education. Guarantee of success in the current phase of education reforms is renewed appreciation of knowledge and your high civic consciousness in the process of its acquisition. I am also hopeful that at the initiative of Armenia Education Ministry we will also have Armenian Students’ Day on the calendar of state holidays and it is not coincidental that November 16 will be marked as the holiday as the decision of founding a university in Armenia was made on that day in 1919. I am convinced that the foundation day of the mother university has historical significance for our people and is highly valued for the students of all times including present day students. I once again congratulate our students studying in educational institutions of the Republic of Armenia as well as abroad on this international holiday, wishing optimism, strong will, achievements in studies and realizations of all their goals.”