Levon Mkrtchyan: The education system should be depoliticized

Today after the Cabinet meeting newly appointed Minister of Education and Science of Armenia Levon Mkrtchyan answered the journalists’ question whether or not the fact of his former years in office is associated with the optimization program. He said that the optimization program shouldn’t be linked with the names of one or two Ministers.
According to him, the word “optimization” is fairly appalling to people, but there is an institutional consolidation and harmonization program.

The Minister also said he would try to keep the schools away from electoral processes, so that the schools along with their pedagogical staff wouldn’t be involved.

“That’s a bit difficult because the same headmasters, administrators, want it or not, must be involved in the electoral process of their villages, yet our priority is to depoliticize the educational system, so that the very headmaster and teacher be engaged in their basic activities,” Levon Mkrtchyan said.