Armenia’s new education minister content with recent years’ reforms

Armenia’s newly appointed minister of education and science on Friday praised the recent years’ reforms in the sector, calling for more active efforts to bring the working standards in line with the legislative changes.
At his first working meeting with the Ministry’s staff, Levon Mkrtchyan addressed first of all the activities towards developing a new political culture in the country after the recent constitutional reforms.
“Following the constitutional changes, our country embarked on an active phase of initiating reforms in the government sector, which implies a more effective management. In his most recent keynote speech, the President of the Republic outlined clear-cut guidelines for the years to come. That, as a matter of fact, is the new keynote document of the Republic of Armenia, which will underpin our regulations. Then new regulations are necessary for implementing the keynote reforms in education. Those who can and are ready to guide themselves by the standards laid out in those regulations will continue bringing
their contribution to the development of the education system,” he said.
The minister added that professionalism will remain a key criteria in the evaluation of education officials’ work.
“As a result of the reforms, implemented with difficulty, we were able to give the education system its current image. So it is now time to think about introducing content into the form. The key educational reforms have been correspondence and quality programs. The correspondence problem was something we managed to solve, although with certain omissions. So our task now is to give meaning to the set of tools created over years; otherwise they will lose sense,” he said, stressing the importance of joint work in realizing the objectives.