Improving Quality of Post-graduate Education among Priorities – Minister

Reducing the burden on high schools and improving the quality of post-graduate education and links to the labor market are major tasks of Armenia’s education system, Armenia’s Minister of Education and Science Levon Mkrtchyan told reporters on Friday.

“We should reduce the burden on schools to make them excellence centers that will help children start out in life. The busy schedule is the reason that parents do not want their children to attend senior school, hiring coaches for them. But a 12-year education is international practice, and all the discussions will be completed after the essential problems have been resolved,” Mr Mkrtchyan said.

Another major problem is post-graduate education. It does not actually differ from undergraduate education in terms of quality. Specifically, a master’s degree is of not essential importance for students in terms of employment.

“According to our law, undergraduate education is higher education, which implies post-graduate students are supposed gain additional knowledge. We often waste two years because post-graduate studies do not guarantee the quality undergraduate education does not guarantee. The second reason is that post-graduate education is not directly linked to the labor market,” Mr Mkrtchyan said.